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Listen to us, Universe!

"We are those who will live in the 21-st century. We should manage our desteny for ourselves. We should love our fatherland whole-heartedly. We should be of use for Russia and honestly serve it". (From the authem of the senior student's of gumnasium № 2 of the city of Tosno).

The main characteristic of gymnasium № 2

Tosno gymnasium № 2 is a state hight school, ensuring high quality moltilevel education of children, respondent to the demands of our time and the problems of the inclusion of our young generation into real life at this stage of the development of a democratic state and changing relations.

The main aim of the education in our gymnasium is the development of the child's personality and individual abilities of each student.

The education in the gymnasium classes (6-11) is based on advanced programmes, which produce requisite conditions for the child's all-round development, for the choice of the appropriate type of education on the basis of forming interests, knowledges and hobbies.

So the education in the gymnasium classes is effected on a sufficiently deep humanitarian and intellectual bass. This creates the necessary prerequisites for the preparation of gifted young people with excellent knowledge of forein languages, economics, history, literature, computing. Those students, who complete their studies in the gymnasium are completent in the questions of art and they are well-developed physically.

It's nessasary to note that in recent years good academic achievements progress and a high quality of education have remained stable. The number of students, who leave school with gold or silver medals, is increasing from year to year.

Innovation research at gymnasium № 2 has been carried out into the following issues:

  • forming of a new content of education;
  • working out and realization of a new methods and technologies;
  • creating of children's and teenagers' development systems.

An important role in the realization of the enumerated research issues belongs to the school museum and its expositions which broaden individual possibilities of the gymnasium. Each floor displays didactic materials which form th basis for the integration of each teacher's effort into joint work aimed at educating and developing the contingent of the students.

The gymnasium has been working successfully together with the Art School of the city of Tosno.

From the first form in the gymnasium special choreographic classes are formed. Now the choreographic studio "Galateia" counts nearly 116 people. The students of these classes enter different universities of Saint-Peterburg, Perm, Ufa and other cities. Also they enter educational institutions, work as ballet dancers in professional groups in Russia and abroad. "Galateia" has been a constant participant in different reviews, competitions and festivals; it has been more than once the winner of region at competitions; at the seventh International festival "The rose of windes - 2001" the group of this studio took the second place.

What our future will be like?

The best thing to do is to ask senior students about it. It's them, present-day co-managers of school self-government, who tomorrow will determine the destiny of their native town, region, country.

In the Regulations of the senior pupil's union "Stal" children have determined the idea of what it is like to be a personality: "Personality begins with morals and life's principles. They are - honesty, integrity, kindness, sincerity, charity. They are adherence to principles, strict attitude toward oneself". Based on those principles, young people built not only today's day, but also anticipate tomorrow's day.